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Businesses continuously aim to achieve efficiency in their operations, particularly in financial and management reporting. Additionally, they always see to it that they are complying with laws and regulations while ensuring that their profitability is protected against risks and threats. All these are necessary to keep a company afloat and internal auditors are the best people to oversee such critical measures.

Internal auditors maintain a commitment to demonstrate integrity and accountability in providing an unbiased and objective report. This course can help you fulfill such commitment by equipping you with all the skills and knowledge you need to become a highly efficient internal auditor.

At the end of this course, students shall develop a full understanding of: (1) basic practices of internal auditing; (2) functions of internal audit; (3) creating statistical sampling; (4) analytical procedures and computerized tools; (5) financial audit engagements; (6) security, privacy, and IT activities; (7) audit and assurance; (8) internal consulting; and (10) fraud awareness.

To achieve these goals, this course shall make use of interactive materials to present the concepts of the topics to be discussed. Assessments shall be done after the entire course to check for knowledge retention and understanding.

Internal auditing is a challenging career and employers value it for its distinct contribution in producing critical inputs that support company’s success.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be awarded an IOLEN Certificate of Achievement from IOLEN Accreditation. This should help validate their learning experience and skill, and can be used as a resume builder.


Course Format

This course is divided into several modules and is delivered online through our interactive learning management system. Students are given access to the learning portal where they can access the course 24/7. This gives them complete control over the pace of their learning while also enabling them to study from home, in their offices or from a laptop while traveling. 


Course Duration: 

Normative or minimum period of study to complete this is 45 hours. Take note that this is only an estimate. The duration of completing the course still depends on the learner’s pace and ability to absorb information. Additionally, as the course is delivered online, learners have the options to divide and study the course in multiple session or go through it one go.

Learners will be given full access to this course for 12 months from the date of enrolment. During this period, learners are given the flexibility to complete the course at anytime.

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The Course Units:

  • Unit 1 – Introduction To Internal Auditing
  • Unit 2 – Engagements For Internal Audit
  • Unit 3 – Statistical Sampling
  • Unit 4 – Generating Data
  • Unit 5 – Analytical Procedures
  • Unit 6 – Computerized Tools
  • Unit 7 – Risk Management
  • Unit 8 – Financial Audit Engagements
  • Unit 9 – Understanding Security and Privacy
  • Unit 10 – IT Engagements
  • Unit 11 – Audit and Assurance
  • Unit 12 – Internal Consulting
  • Unit 13 – Fraud Awareness
  • Unit 14 – Monitoring and Engagements
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